A Four Week Intentional Creativity Experience Around Making Connections That Align With Your Path and Purpose.

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A Search for Intentional Connections

Many of us long for this type of connection and for a Tribe of people who understand us - who make us feel heard, seen and valued.

Sometimes we realize that the relationships that we once invested in are no longer able to provide us with what we need, even if those relationships were meaningful, brought us joy or taught us something about ourselves. There often arrives a pivotal moment when we begin to feel that old patterns and relationships that once provided for us so well, are no longer in alignment with our new joys or our new path.

Have you found yourself in that place? Are you finding that the friendships or relationships that you once found supported you are not currently aligning with your spiritual, emotional or physical needs?

Are you searching for a Tribe that appreciates you?

Are you longing for supportive relationships?

Are you looking for friendships that honor your uniqueness?


"I can highly recommend her courses for every woman who wants to feel inspired. "

What to Expect

Join me for this 4 week Intentional Creativity experience where we will set our intention to bring in the Tribe that we need most in our lives, right now!


When you sign-up for this course you will receive access to weekly, step-by-step, modules that include:

  • Juicy Journal Inquiries to get you thinking about what you really need in relationships.
  • A Red Thread Ceremony to connect with other like-minded, beautiful souls who are also searching for compassionate, authentic Tribe.  
  • An Active Visioning process to help you clearly understand where your Tribe is and how you can open yourself up to receive them.
  • A Creative, Playful Process and Active Visioning to get you thinking about who your Tribe is and what qualities you need in authentic relationships.
  • A Step-by-Step Painting Process to help you release self-limiting patterns and relationships that may no longer be serving you, no longer in alignment with your future goals and dreams, whilst inviting in your Tribe that is authentic, compassionate and supportive of you and your life purpose.
  • Access to my Private Facebook Support Group for all courses- a perfect place to share your process, insights and be witnessed.
  • An Optional Workbook to support you through the course
  • A Complementary Ebook to review course material and videos
  • Lifetime Access so that you can work at your own pace.

This Four Week Journey is available to you now

"I had a wonderful time doing this class, connecting to myself and my own needs. The atmosphere was truly uplifting and inspiring."

Being in community with others is something many of us long for. It's part of our nature to seek out companionship to share our joys and frustrations, and to feel that we are being supported along our journey. Many of us long for this type of connection and for a Tribe of people who understand us- who make us feel heard, seen and valued.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is designed to be completed in 4 weeks, however, I'm a working mom and I know that life gets busy, right? So to allow you time to go through it at your own pace, you will have lifetime access to the material and videos. 

Videos, writing prompts and painting steps will be available to you on the classroom on a weekly basis. You could work on all the activities in one day or do them gradually over the week. Each activity is designed to be as short as 10 mins and no longer than 40 mins. However, how deep you dive is totally up to you,  which is why I am granting you lifetime access. 

The supplies for this course can easily be found at your local art supply store, or you may have them already at home! I will send you a downloadable list upon registration.  

Painting is only one part of the process in this course. I will walk you through, step-by-step, and you will also have access to the private Facebook group for support from me and others. Remember, the goal isn't to paint a beautiful picture, it's to work through our desires for connection, and if you have a beautiful painting in the end, then that's an added bonus! 

Rien always considered herself a creative, but never an artist until in 2012 when she picked up a paint brush for the first time and her life has not been the same since. Her creativity feeds all aspects of her life and she believes that we are all creatives in our own right. 

When she is isn’t teaching, she records a motivational Podcast called Inspirational Living, dances to Latin music and enjoys gathering with friends for a cup of tea and drumming. She also adores each daily moment with her two young boys, husband and her black poodle.


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