Paint your Inner Wonder Woman

Intentional Creativity Online-course, with Dr. Jess E Duncan.


Wonder Woman: A representation of empowerment, equality & independence

Obstacles are to be overcome. Rules are to be broken. The Past is to be Honored, the Future imagined and the Now is to be lived. In this course I invite you to do all of these things. It can be hard, so we need a strong but just warrior on our side to fight for us. Wonder Woman is our theme.

We will step into our Wonder Woman robes and show up. Remember, she is a symbol. She might look like a scantily clad white woman, but really, she is a symbol of transformation. She's a potential in every individual.

In every human sits a Diana Prince, an individual who can spin into a new shape and bring out their superpowers and step up to save themselves and the world. 

The easiest way to create respect and independence in your life, is to be your own super-hero, and your own side-kick.
You support yourself and do it for yourself. When you know what you can do and what you want to do, and realize you can, the world sees and feels it. 

I call upon you to try it for yourself. Show me your Wonder Woman!
Your change, changes the world. 
I'm ready. Let's do it.

Here is your invitation:

  • What if you thought about your life as an adventure instead of a chore, and yourself as a hero planted here to explore it?
  • What if you had a mission to fulfill and secret magic weapons and the license to fly?
  • What if in your adventure, the good could actually win over the bad? And what if your boots sparkled?

A proverbial phonebooth of transformation is waiting for you.
 Up for your next mission?

Dr. Jess on teaching Wonder-Woman

"With every new painting process I yield new insights, whether I share it with my workshop students in person or online in a Facebook-group. Course participants usually come in with one story, but come out the other end with a new or different one. I am in awe every time. It's an honor to witness their courage to look inside, to facilitate their work and marvel at their creations"

What is Your Story? What is Your Mission?

Early on, I realized women could not move freely in public space; certain spaces, even the home, were unsafe and dangerous. Sometime the only reason was that you were a woman and the fact that you were away from home categorized you as permissible prey. This was a very unsettling and upsetting realization that the world was extremely unfair. I could only imagine what it would be like for others who were not a white privilged Swede like myself. It marked me for life as a champion for women’s rights and mobility.

Much later, I wrote a Ph.D. on women on the road and the difficulties facing women, of all colors and classes, moving, well, merely existing in public spaces throughout history. How could women ever be empowered in such a system? I wanted women to be able to do just the same things as men were allowed to.
It was perhaps not strange that super-hero is appealed to me: they were symbols of what we could be, strong, stunning, fast, kind and generous, and in addition: all-knowing, kick-ass, well anchored in community, and able to fight hard and fly high. 

I chose Wonder-Woman as the symbolic hero of our adventure together on the canvas, because to me she represents endless possibilities and inspiration for envisioning and finding, and shaping, our inner super-hero.

"Beyond Mind, through shapes, colours and shades - You find the message within. Your course is fantastic."

Student Counselor

What to expect

I use the Intentional Creativity process, painting and writing.
You will be guided through painting your Wonder Woman on a 50x70 cm canvas (or as big as you want!!).

You get an option to paint two extra 30x40 cm canvases. 
You get pedagogical demos - I have been a teacher all my life!  Beginners are very welcome!
You will receive a number of "fly-higher prompts" to take your process deeper with art & inquiry.

You will be lead through a step-by-step method to get the uncertainty out of the mystery and onto the canvas, which is the Intentional-Creativity way of collecting clues and info!

I introduce you to the Red Thread and we virtually circle up to give form to your mission.
Above all, you will get to take part of the best, deepest way to personal insights that I know and end up with a beautiful painting in the process that you can hang on your wall.

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"I took Jessica's class. Personal development with paint brushes, paint, water and glitter as tools. Wow, what a powerful process πŸ’₯ I can't believe I painted a whole painting 🌈✨ I have never painted before ... well... eggs πŸ˜‰πŸ£. My Wonder Woman had a lot to say to me. πŸ™ She sent me a long "letter" afterwards telling me to listen better, to see my light, to realize that I am strong even when alone, that I should respect my roots and stay close to water. I should trust my direction, speed, beat and hear the rhythm. Fly along. My painting is full of symbols; I keep discovering new meanings. Thank you! πŸ€—. "

Mental Coach & Author

In this course. we ask ourselves:
What if I lived my life from the perspective of Wonder Woman?

What would my life look like?

 What if I had magic bracelets to avert laser beams, throw the lasso of truth and the power to understand others, no matter the language?

I ask you:
What if you do, and you never bothered to find out?
I suggest you do bother. Try to find out. Join me for this painting class!

DIg out your tiara and your boots!
We have a job to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can! No painting experience is needed!! I will guide you all the way in a step-by-step process, and you can email me anytime and pose questions on FB.

You can pay in weekly or monthly installments if you need to. Just email me. If it still not affordable for you, please write to me and explain why you need a scholarship. I do offer them.

Wonder Women make time ;). Or set their own pace; you CAN follow the course pace or do it at your own if you fall behind. The videos are there to see for several months. You can access the videos for 6 months after the course is finished.

If you don’t want to be in the Facebook group, that is quite alright. You can take this course in complete silence without dialogue with me or other course participants. I'd love to see what you are up to of course – but it is up to you entirely! I just need to be able to reach you over email, so that you can access the course segments as they are released.

"You are so incredibly present when you teach and guide, Jessica. I had a sense this was the case before I even signed up and it was true! I could see that you had made such thorough preparations for the course and you guided us each individually according to our needs and skill levels.
I was looking to find flow in my life again. For a year I had been running round and round in my mind in the same “thought-loops” and could never generate enough energy.  I had been going to a wonderful therapist to sort this out, but talking did not seem to work this time. Painting with you made all the difference; I feel as if the bubble has burst! Your workshop released pent-up energy and opened up for new ideas and my flow is back!"

Marie Sturesson, Massage Therapist

Dr. Jess, Your Creative P.T.

Course Leader, Creator of  the course "Paint Your Inner Wonder Woman" (whose full and true name actually is: "Wonder Woman and her multi-colored adventures with Dr. Jess & Winged Girl").

My name is Dr. Jessica E. Duncan. I am a Ph.D., an eclectic painter, Intentional Creativity® teacher and coach, Change facilitator, Esalen® Massage Therapist, and then some… 

I started reading at age 5 and never stopped. I read everything: children’s books, bus commercials, tables of content... Barbara Cartland, Pearl Buck-novels, Grandpa's book club-books, Mother’s feminist classics. I learned early on about the many worlds that women reside in and that where and how women lived, was conditioned throughout history by socio-cultural norms that were not always fair. Women did not "get" rights and freedoms and were "thought" of as emotionally and physically weaker. Through first- and second-hand experience I learned it was not always safe to be a girl or woman: certain crowds, spaces and public places were dangerous. We were permissible prey. It was an unacceptable situation that I came to spend most of my private and professional life disputing and fighting to overthrow.

I became a researcher. All my publications problematize the inequalities facing women, of all colors and classes, at work, at play, at home, on the move, in fiction, in reality. The reappropriation of representations and spaces for the liberation of women have always pervaded my work. Offering "Paint Your Inner Wonder Woman" is my way of not just analyzing and telling you how it can be done, but giving you the tools to do it for yourself.

With this Intentional Creativity course, I am combining my life-long passion for equality, the necessity that we change our perspectives, and my conviction that we need strong role models to inspire us. A role-model can be your mother or a famous entrepreneur or NGO, but having worked with popular culture more than 20 years, I know it can also be a figure like Wonder Woman. πŸ’–

Wonder Woman has a controversial background, she has even been featured on the cover of Ms Magazine: one day criticized, the other celebrated. Mind you: This happens whenever women move into new territory!

What if instead of shaming her for a sexy top and shorts, we paid more attention to her liberating potential? Her ability to speak multiple languages? Her unique power to make people tell the truth? 

Liberation means being allowed to be contradictory regardless of sex. So, in the process of painting our inner Wonder Woman, let's just reappropriate the right to wear w.t.h. we want!

I invite you to come paint and make a difference in the world. You, Wonder Woman and me, Dr. Jess.

With Love and Red Thread Lasso,

Dr. Jess E. Duncan

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"Your courses are outstanding! If I had realized I was going to paint a face, I would never have signed up! But your relaxed, lovely style made me feel safe enough to open up. It was exciting and exotic at the same time! What is important is that you allowed me to do it my way – you saw me where I was, and met me there. This is your strength, and I see you do it with the others too. You coach them from where they are. I like your set up. You inspire and you give that little extra that means so much! You made me open up channels I didn’t know I had!  I have my paintings on the wall at home, and I am incredibly proud of them!  Painting with you is absolutely wonderful!"

Gemma, CFO & Burgeoning Writer

"Your online-course is brilliant, and so are you. You convey so much closeness, love and warmth, and then all of a sudden, that wonderful Intentional-Creativity-deep-dive when I least expect it!
So wonderful and moving. Thank you for making it possible for me to join the class."

Irene Rimay, Journalist & Color of Woman-Teacher


There are many Wonder Women in the world.
Which one are you?

Paint with us and find out.

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