With Kate Langlois

Grab your supplies & meet me at the canvas!

A Self-Compassion Journey in paint using the Intentional Creativity™ Method of Mindfulness and Intuition.

Perfect for all skill levels.

Registration is Open

$20 off through the end of September

  • ELEVATE Self Compassion Reframe inner self-talk & expand your Heart Tending capabilities
  • DISCOVER Creativity tools: Mindfulness, Intuition,  Intentional Creativity™, Paint & create new transformational patterns. 
  • LIGHT UP your Intuition:  Turn up this powerful connection between your heart and mind 

Work at your own pace with detailed video instruction and  prompts for Journal Inspirations to deepen your journey.  Holding space for yourself with a gentleness is Self-Compassion. Everything you need for the course will be available upon registration.  Guided meditation and grounding breathe work are part of this journey, allowing you to slow down & tune into self compassion.


"I so enjoyed Kate’s gentle, encouraging tone and all the amazing insights in this course. Jump in. You can go at your own pace and don’t have to be an artistic genius. "

"Kate offers clear and gently guidance in the painting process. She embodies compassion! I loved listening to her talk and how gentle she was with us."

"This class gives simple, concise instruction and support! I highly recommend it."

As a teacher, Kate instigates others to create their own unique Portrait Narratives in paint and word using Intentional Creativity. With mindfulness and intuitive painting, this image making process is an invisible bridge between the creative and canvas, where intention and inquiry become a potent dialogue for discovery, self-empowerment, healing and transformations.


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