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Greetings, I'm Kate Gold. The idea for this course came from reflecting on the phases in the last decade of my life. After a 30 year span where being a parent and running a family home was my life, the last of my four children left home and went out into the world and, despite having rewarding work and good friends, I felt lost. There didn’t seem to be anything that gave me anywhere near the same sense of satisfaction as caring for my family.

It was a swift descent into some dark times – soul-searching and reflection on themes of identity and purpose.

If I had known what I do now about the power of inner exploration with Intentional Creativity, I believe that it wouldn’t have been quite such a struggle. Yes, we need to go through times of questioning, re-assessment and re-evaluating, but there are ways and means of accessing our deeper wisdom that can make the transitions easier and more of an adventure.

So many older or elder women struggle when faced with their own significant endings and changes. As elder women we may not always find it easy to see where we fit in as our lives change. Family, career, home – these things can all end, evolve or transform. Transitions and phases continue throughout life but I especially want to encourage elder woman to feel that the best is yet to come, to look optimistically into the future; into a Golden Age where they can flourish and reap the rewards of a rich and varied life.

It is my hope for you that wherever you are in your life and at whatever new threshold, that this course will be a way of making a multi-dimensional map of where you have been, where you are now and where you wish to go. A place of steadiness and stability when all around is shifting and moving. A place of safety where you can examine and explore your own questions and answers. Above all, I wish you continued adventures, thresholds and transitions until the end of your days.

Meet Kate and Learn More about Astraea

This course is a wonderful journey for both the novice and experienced artist out there. Kate takes you into the magical world of Astraea where you reflect on where you've been, where you are and where you are going. It is both a deep meditation and creative expression of the feminine, mixed in with technical instruction and painting techniques that culminate in a beautiful portrait of your journey with Astraea. - Siobhan

What to Expect

This creative journey is made up of 17 videos and covers the 13 step method of painting. It is designed to be done over the span of 6 weeks or over a weekend. Viewing the videos and creating your own painting will take approximately 8 hours and you can commit as much time as you wish for the journal writing.

There are two guided visualisations – one to meet Astraea and another to meet a North Star guide – sources of wisdom and guidance for your painting and your life. The 13 painting videos will guide you step-by-step to create your own painting of Astraea – the Star Maiden. For both beginners and more experienced painters alike, you can take what you need or want from the steps and bring your own unique slant into the creative mix! We will explore the journal writing prompts together and these will guide you on a journey of exploration into your past, present and future, gradually building a clearer, stronger vision of your own Golden Age to come.

It is a true voyage and my wish is that you will gift yourself with the time to travel along to the end, gaining insight and encouragement from your explorations through the writing, visioning and painting.

There is an Ebook to accompany the course so you can have easy access which you can also print off if you wish. This includes the materials list and painting tips for those starting out on their creative adventures.

I will be there to accompany you in a private FB page and if required a 1-1 session on Zoom can be arranged.

I am so enjoying this beautiful course. It is perfect for a exploring a new flowering, accessing a deeper source of creativity and experiencing great pleasure in developing and playing with new skills and talents. I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to express more of what they are! - Jeanette

I am a painter, poet and Intentional Creativity™ Teacher committed to help you to get past the old beliefs that keep you from stepping into your brightest, most beautiful Self. I use Intentional Creativity processes, Shamanism and Guided Visualizations to access the blocks, defuse and deflate the power that the past stories hold and step boldly into your personal power.

My background includes tutoring art and creative writing in a prison.  I was also an arts facilitator with children from families in crisis and this taught me about holding safe and sacred space for groups to form and thrive.

I believe wholeheartedly in the creative connection between the expressive/creative arts and healing and the power of the pen and the paintbrush.


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