Your Muse Driven Business Journey
An Ongoing Inspired Inquiry with Jenafer Joy

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Hey there! I'm Jena. And I have a creative business. I've been at it for awhile now. I already know that it's like tending a garden. There are times to plant, times to weed, times to fertilize, times to let it rest.

The reality is that there are always a gazillion things I could be doing at any given time to push my business forward.

In fact I could easily generate a list of a hundred action items off the top of my head right now! I could rewrite my bio, update the main page of my website. I could plan my writings for the year and reinvigorate my newsletter. I could add an offer to my Facebook Business page or research how Facebook changes are affecting said business page. Create a 2018 Budget. Or 2018 - 2028 Business Plan. Finish my 2017 taxes. I could create new paintings or create prints of my paintings. Send thank you cards to favorite students. Make new business cards. Get a more professional email address....It's so easy to get overwhelmed and not take any action.

My question to you is: How can we support ourselves and stay inspired to take the steps required to be an entrepreneur? How do we shift from relating to our experience as a obligation and begin to relate to our business as a friend?

The answer is to let your Muse drive.
And she says that Art + Action = Momentum!

So let's take this Muse driven journey together. Because I know that when I attend to the spirit of my business AND take action, magic happens....

To be clear, this course is not "a series of tutorials showing you specifically what to do". That would be boring for me to create and likely boring for you to follow. Thankfully, we live in an era where the answers to all our questions are out there. (All that's needed is a quick visit to the Google oracle!)

Instead, this course is a support structure for focusing, visioning, investigating and taking regular action. It's all about building a relationship with the Muse of your Business so you can make the choices that are right for you.

We'll be collaborating on resources. Trusting that as we gather momentum we'll continue to find exactly the links and sources we require. We'll be inspiring each other and cheering each other on in a private Facebook group.

And we'll be keeping a gentle weekly pace with three main activities: muse meditations, art prompts and action prompts. Commit to an hour a week and experience real momentum!

Action Steps

Together we'll build a collection of awesome step by step actions. Pooling resources and inspirations.  There will be a new suggestion each week or you can follow your muse through the expanding archives.

Art Explorations

When we engage in creative play, the Muse is able to give us the messages we've been missing. I'll be pulling from my favorite tools: doodling, collage, and paint as a way to unleash your own brilliant information.

Muse Meditations

Let your imagination intimately connect you with the Spirit of your business. Weekly visualization-based meditations will keep you in a playful engaged relationship with your Muse and guide your ongoing action steps.

"I love Jena’s playful & uniquely creative tools for going deep & gaining clarity"

"With all of Jenafer’s courses there’s a richness that’s real world practical and another that’s so metaphysical it will break open doors long bolted, release energies and bring messages from spirit you thought had long ago gone to dust."

"What I love the best in Jena's classes is that I am not only exploring art or technique or mixed media - I am exploring the dance between my conscious and everything to which it is responding. It is teaching me to open my eyes and truly "see" how everything around me has consciousness and is communicating with me, if only I will be awake to that! "

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Jenafer Owen has been running her online business in healing & creative arts since 2003. She has a degree in Accounting (relevant) and one in Acupuncture (less relevant). She's been Director of Curriculum for Cosmic Cowgirls since 2009 and in that time has built up a reputation as the woman with the answers when it come to technology wrangling and muse wooing.

Her genius is creating structures that inspire and support.  Quick playful gentle nudges to carry you towards your own deep important answers.

People who decide to jump in and try my Inspired Inquiries courses come back again and again. They love my quirky playful approach. They love that the prompts are quick but deep. They love having real conversations with themselves and making art on a regular basis! If you sign up for anything that I offer and you don't love it, I'll give you a full refund, with blessings.


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