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There was a time when women were far more in tune with the Moon and themselves. Our busy lives demand more and we are constantly 'on'

Explore how to be aware of your cycles and how the moon cycles affect you. Be in tune with yourself and use your time more effectively through this painting journey.

When are you at your peak energy? When do you need time to rest? If you don't know what your cycles are, then you may find yourself out of sync with the activities in your life.

Living by the cycles of the moon is an ancient practice which meant there was a time for sowing, tending, harvesting and resting. As we have become more industrialised with deadlines and KPI's...we've lost touch with how our ancestors lived. How to tune into those inner and greater cycles.

Moon Sister works with finding an archetype to help you Reconnect to those inner cycles, to create more ease and awareness. 


During the Moon Sister journey, you will:

  • ReConnect with your own rhythms,
  • Paint into existence your Moon Sister using acrylic paint using the step-by-step Intentional Creativity method
  • Find an awareness of your life cycles that help you plan your life to go with your energies.

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Delivery - What Can You Expect

As a solo course, you can do this when you choose. My recommendation is that you try and start around the time of the new moon ( there are plenty of websites where you can find this out). To get the most out of it, completing week to week will give you the most insights by having that time to reflect.

If you have limited time and are on holidays, you can complete the painting at a faster pace, but I would suggest you keep tracking for the full month and journal to get the most out of it.

This class is for anyone who wants to explore their creativity and look a little deeper into their inner world.

We'll be using the Intentional Creativity step-by-step painting method, designed by Shiloh Sophia McCloud as the container for our exploration to find your Moon Sister archetype.

The Intentional Creativity lineage started in the 1930s with Lenore Thomas Straus: "What ancient knowing lives within these hands?", who taught Sue Hoya Sellars: "Who lives in here?" and in turn taught Shiloh Sophia McCLoud: "What are you to cause and create?" Shiloh in turn taught me and others in the Intentional Creativity movement, women who want to serve as guides to those interested and ready to engage in their journey inward, to peel back layers upon layers of cultural conditioning in hopes of discovering their own authentic expression.

This class is created for you, whether you're an experienced artist or a beginner who hasn't touched a paint brush since school. All you need is a desire to look into yourself and say 'yes' to the possibilities.

Registration is Open


""Once again your class never fails to bring surprises. I thoroughly love the process you’ve taken us through and the challenges each stage can bring. You bring so much passion and joy into your classes and it’s a pleasure to be part of your creative space." Sophie"

""This became so much more than just painting. I learnt to trust myself, silence my inner critic and just be. And by being and trusting the process, my painting came into being and sprang to life. I know more about myself and painting." Libby - Darwin"

""This painting experience was more than I expected. Gisela gave me the gift of connecting to my spirit and learning from connecting to my creative self. This was a healing experience that I highly recommend." Karen M."

I've always been an artist....always had a journal for as long as I can remember. It always felt right when I was either writing poetry or doodling. As I finished school and joined the 'grown up' world I stopped and I only started again when my heart was broken. Only in that moment did I truly start seeking healing.

What I discovered in my quest for healing was that I was telling myself stories that weren’t really my stories. That I 'had to work hard' to become ‘someone’, that I wasn’t good enough and no one would love me. I became a teacher instead of an artist, I married the first person to show interest. I worked hard and never seem to get anywhere.

Intentional Creativity has brought all the elements together for me and I see its transformative power. 

My biggest passion is shining a torch for people to see that ‘yes, they are creative’ and they can draw and paint! The beauty that creativity can bring is immense, from stress relief to releasing old trauma to just plain old having fun!

My experiences through the last twenty years help me to assist you in finding your centre. Help you paint over your old story to create a colourful new future and  reconnect with your joy.

Supplies List

  • Canvas - 22”x30” (at least) 
  • Paint brushes –  a liner brush, a medium and larger size round brushes. 
  • Acrylic paint - A rainbow of colours, white, black, Quinacridone Nickel Azo gold (Golden Fluid Acrylics recommended, but use what you have)
  • Jar for paint water
  • Paper towels.
  • Spray bottle.
  • Paint palette or paper plate
  • Journal & pen
  • Painting smock or clothes that you can get paint on. 

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