Nitty Gritty – Paint, for a Change

A 7-week Intentional Creativity Process.Now available as solo course.

If you knew you were about  to go on a date with The Love of your Life, would you miss it?

Buy access in April for just $97! ( in person course= $370)

This course is an opportunity to do the Nitty-Gritty work of getting real with yourself, undisturbed, in your own house, at your own pace.

Instead of talking about it, let’s paint for a change and let’s paint for change!

Let’s get you moving! Let’s paint for change.
Stop just thinking about change. Let us get creative about it. Let's get those mental ideas onto the canvas!
If you are tired of just thinking and talking and want to focus on the “walking” join me.

In Nitty-Gritty we paint for fun and answers.

Changing bad patterns and creating new ones is not done in an instant. But it can be done.
In this course we paint to receive information. It is much harder to  "think up" a kick-ass life and love. Thinking about change takes much longer than processing it on the canvas. That is the work we do. We deserve time and work. Is that bad news? NO! "Work" can be playful, creative and deep and only take a couple of hours a week!

Do you need something to fire up your everyday life? Are you tired of just talking the talk, not walking the walk? Join me for Nitty-Gritty!

Finding yourself settling for mediocre relationships? A job that bores you? Need to spark a change to those patterns? Join me for Nitty-Gritty!
Do you always find something else that needs to be done "first" even though you recognize that it is vital to take care of your needs for play, colors & creativity? Are you ready to PAINT – for a change?

This course is a guided, fun and creative way to side-step your pattern to cause something new to appear and happen. Join me for Nitty-Gritty!

"You can do Magic 🎉🌟💖☀️👑❤️!!!"

Office Manager

"I had no previous experience of painting. When I met Jessica I immediately felt I wanted to take one of her workshops. I registered and I was not disappointed. On the contrary, this was totally amazing! Jessica guided us through the process with the “Intentional Creativity method” so that all my performance anxiety vanished and only the joy of creating remained. I would love to take more workshops with Jessica. I had so much fun!!"

Project Mgr. & Acupuncturist

"Oh Nitty-Gritty One, How do I love Thee? Endlessly..."

Love is definitely at the center of this course.

Do you, like me, want love in your life, more love, better love? Better Life?
Do you ask yourself: How do I get it? How do I find my way there?
What if I told you, you could paint and write your way there, and all you have to do, is to want it and show up for it?
If you could know for sure you had a date with “The Love of your Life”... Would you miss it?

In this course we will court ourselves, which means we will not paint a picture of our favorite landscape, or biggest role model… nah, we will paint our own Nitty-Gritty portrait and during this process you will get weekly painting demonstrations, learn how to use color and text to help you connect with yourself and realize bit by bit what matters.
You will get weekly journal prompts - drawing and writing- to support and deepen your painting process, in addition to and connected to our main painting, for you to forage deeper into the forests of self-discovery. 
You will have an opportunity to connect with others taking the class on the Nitty-Gritty Course Facebook page. There will be a dedicated q & a day every week in the FB group - for you to email me or pose questions and post your progress pictures.
You will get an Ace up Your Sleeve tactic with which to handle unruly thoughts! You have access to me throughout the course over email. You will learn painting techniques necessary to get the uncertainty out of the mystery and onto the canvas, which is the intentional creativity way of building a kick-ass life.

In this class, we do it from the ground up, beginning with YOU:
If you build it - it will happen!
And I am not going to lie: it takes work. Work on you.

You deserve love, your own. You deserve time. You deserve to be “worked on”. Ask yourself: When all external stimuli fade, where does the real love come from? You. So, get to know yourself and get a partner for life. It is time to dig in. It is time for doing the NITTY-GRITTY on what really matters, and for you to get the love that you deserve. And I will not lie, we will get a little emotional mud around the corners of our mouths when wrestling with some of our more obstinate ideas, but I promise, there will be plenty of opportunity for new insights and for having fun while doing it.

Get a hat and join me. I can’t wait to meet the Kick-ass Nitty-Gritty you.
I am ready. Let's do it!

"You are so incredibly present when you teach and guide, Jessica. I had a sense this was the case before I even signed up and it was true! I could see that you had made such thorough preparations for the course and you guided us each individually according to our needs and skill levels.
I was looking to find flow in my life again. For a year I had been running round and round in my mind in the same “thought-loops” and could never generate enough energy.  I had been going to a wonderful therapist to sort this out, but talking did not seem to work this time. Painting with you made all the difference; I feel as if the bubble has burst! Your workshop released pent-up energy and opened up for new ideas and my flow is back!"

Marie Sturesson, Massage Therapist

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can! No painting experience is needed!! I will guide you all the way in a step-by-step process, and you can email me anytime and pose questions on FB.

You can pay in weekly or monthly installments if you need to. Email us! If you sign up this week through Sunday you can take advantage of the $183 BLACK-FRIDAY discount - and pay 187 instead of 370 dollars. If it is still too much, I also accept garden labor! Jokes aside, still not affordable for you, please write to me and explain why you need a scholarship! I do offer them.

This course is your excuse to stop coming up with bad excuses like "I don't have time". You can do this at your own pace. But you need to do it if you want to paint for a change rather than thinking or talking about  it. Of course you have time if you want to prioritize you! And, remember, you can access the videos for 6 months after the course is finished.

If you don’t want to be in the Facebook group, that is quite alright. You can take this course in complete silence without dialogue with me or other course participants. I'd love to see what you are up to of course – but it is up to you entirely! I just need to be able to reach you over email, so that you can access the course segments as they are released.

"Your courses are outstanding! If I had realized I was going to paint a face, I would never have signed up! But your relaxed, lovely style made me feel safe enough to open up. It was exciting and exotic at the same time! What is important is that you allowed me to do it my way – you saw me where I was, and met me there. This is your strength, and I see you do it with the others too. You coach them from where they are. I like your set up. You inspire and you give that little extra that means so much! You made me open up channels I didn’t know I had! I have my paintings on the wall at home, and I am incredibly proud of them! Painting with you is absolutely wonderful!"

CFO & Mt. Everest Climber

Dr. Jess, Your Creative P.T.

Course Leader, Creator of "Nitty-Gritty. Paint for a Change" - a 7-week online-course.

My name is Jessica Enevold Duncan. I am a Ph.D., an eclectic painter, Intentional Creativity® teacher and coach, Esalen® Massage Therapist, and then some… 

I used to be an under-stimulated, stressed-out, overworked, academic, constantly displeased with my BMI, my work situation and general direction of life. I lived a half-ass life; my love relationships, in particular, never seemed quite what they should be!

It took me several years to learn what was needed to live a kick-ass life; to gallop my white horse into the sunset. It took time to learn to be fulfilled, to get on top of how to feel good, how to eat, work out, replenish myself, get aligned with my mission in life and last but not least, find true ass-kicking love. It took time, because, first of all –  I had to “find” myself.

There are plenty of excellent paths to relocating yourself; many roads to freedom, and enlightenment out there. Mine is a creative one. Hence I made: Nitty-Gritty – Paint, for a Change. It is a way to “get real with art”, an intentional creativity way of getting to know yourself better.

💖 As I see it, only when you have had at least one good long peek inside yourself, can you find and give love –  in and to yourself, and to others. Nitty-Gritty represents a step in that direction. I welcome you to paint about it with me! 💖


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