An online class in deepening your connection to the earth while learning the ancient practice of sumi-e painting.

  • Learn the basics of the ancient Chinese practice of sumi-e painting - in a way you can take with you anywhere.
  • Experience how the merging of Intentional Creativity®with the concept of ch'i influences what you create.
  • 6 weeks of Inquiries & Demos starting March 19th. I'll be with you every step of the way.
  • No prior experience necessary.



This class is a blend of the ancient Chinese practice of sumi-e painting with Intentional Creativity®.  Sumi-e is all about connecting to the ch’i, or life essence, of what you are drawing. This connection to ch’i deepens your connection to the earth and opens up a conversation with the earth. There is an asking and listening that happens. 

I invite you to follow me on my hikes through the hills, into the red rock desert lands, and out into the local bay lands. No prior experience necessary other than a willingness to go on an adventure into nature with a brush in your hands.

When you engage in this intentional conversation, what you see with your eyes moves through your heart to your hand and out the tip of your brush to the paper and into form.

Please join me in an adventure into the heart of nature!

~ Annette

Walking in Inquiry

Together we explore the patterns and wisdom of this planet we live on, bringing our sketchbook along with us. Each week Annette shares an inquiry to inspire you and get you talking to your muse. This opens the doors to deepening your connection to the earth.

Painting with Intention

Annette teaches this ancient Chinese brush painting style through the lens of Intentional Creativity®, bringing together the concept of ch'i with the practice of intention. You learn to ask what wants to be drawn and to allow the words that want to be written to arise. 

Creating Earth Prayers

Every week there are demos along with reference materials to work with as you learn to create earth prayers of your very own. While you are encouraged to go out into nature yourself and find things to draw, everything you need is online. 

Deepen your connection to the earth through what you create.

All of us have a story. Here is my story of my mentor and teacher Sue Hoya Sellars and how she got me started on creating sumi-e paintings and how Earth Prayers came into being. It's all part of what brings me here teaching this class to you.

“Paint like that’s what you’re doing for the rest of your life.” – Sue Hoya Sellars

What to Expect

  • The class is 6 weeks in length. Each week you receive two prompts: an Inquiry and a Demo. You are encouraged to go out into nature to draw, however, photographs are provided for reference in most lessons. Plan to spend between 1-2 hours a week practicing and following the prompts.
  • The class community is held in a secret Facebook group where we share musings, inspirations, and our drawings as we progress through the lessons.  I will be joining you on a regular basis in the Facebook group throughout the week to meet you where you are in the process of creating earth prayers. Access to the group will be provided when the course opens March 19th.
  • The Materials List is sent to you upon registration. I  recommend buying this pen even if you don't take the class!
  • The class videos & lessons will be available to you through the end of 2018 – just in case you need a bit more time to complete the class. And you can always email me with questions! 

Class Starts March 19th

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Some might think that walking the earth is a very serious thing, however for Annette, walking the earth and painting what she finds is just as much about pelican chuckles and snail whimsy as it is about stark white bones and tree wisdom. Annette has a way of connecting into whatever message wants to come through her brush and onto the paper and sharing that connection with us. She loves opening the door for others to pick up a brush and sketchbook and create their own earth prayer paintings.

Annette lives with her dancing daughter Eleanor, Hero (aka Rat Boy) and Princess (aka Stalker Cat), along with the man of her heart and partner in adventure, Cass. When she is not contemplating how to draw the patterns of feathers on a goose, she is likely wandering canyons of red rock, attempting to receive Hero’s latest “presents” without shrieks, or musing in her studio.

Annette is a working artist and an Intentional Creativity Teacher who studied with American Master Painter Sue Hoya Sellars, our Intentional Creativity Art Matriarch. She is Art Doctor and Faculty at the Color of Woman School and a refugee from Silicon Valley with 21 patents to her name. She is a big fan of taking left turns in one’s life to explore new ways of being. 

Visit her at

Class Starts March 19th

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