Paradox with Coach Evelyne

An Exploration of Your Inner World Through 8 Primary Relationships

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I'm very familiar with this exploration because I'm a living paradox, myself!
I'm a social introvert, a leader, and a follower. I'm lazy and ambitious. 
I have the heart of a hippy and I love luxury.  I'm a visionary realist and a peaceful warrior, an insecure powerhouse.  I feel the most free within a structure. I crave attention, but am afraid to get it, and reject it when it comes my way. 
I'm a conflicted contradiction!

What are the ways that YOU are a Paradox?  

In this course, you will discover the contradictory beliefs, thoughts, and ways of being that create inner conflicts, confusion, and how they hold you back from expressing your authentic self.  I have created this course to enable you to dive into your inner world and discover your own paradoxes, their impact on how you show up (or not) in the outside world. Also, discover your beliefs and thoughts that are making one way of being or the other wrong, creating inner separation.
And then learn how to integrate them as you achieve a deeper understanding of your whole, paradoxical self!
This course contains eight modules, one for each of your primary relationships:
  • Module 1 - Self and power
  • Module 2 - Intimate partners and close ones
  • Module 3 - Others and community
  • Module 4 - Belonging
  • Module 5 - Identity and perception
  • Module 6 - Body and sexuality
  • Module 7 - Money
  • Module 8 - Cosmos, the big picture, the divine

Here's what to expect:

"With this course on the Paradox, Coach Evelyne has laid out a series of bite-size lessons and rituals that actually fit into my busy life! Not only that, but I have looked forward to them throughout the process! All of which has made it possible for me to actually complete the course and, ultimately, move into a deeper sense of acceptance and wholeness while truly enjoying the Intentional Creativity painting process. I am so grateful, mind, body, and soul. "

Krista C (Traverse City, MI)

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My goals for you are to:

  1.  Start identifying and acknowledging the paradoxes within you by examining these eight primary relationships. 
  2. Start an integration process that is free from inner conflicts.  Right now, you might see the two self-contradictory ways of being or thinking as two things opposing each other but you don’t have to. You get to be both/and, be in harmony and express all of yourself without apology.
  3. Move from an "either/or" paradigm to one of "both/and".

"The music and rituals helped using all my senses. Evelyne is empathetic and relatable when she shares about her own experiences. The layers into the painting gave it a sense of sacredness for all the emotions that were laid upon the canvas. My favorite part was the dance, it brought me to tears. Many of the rituals can be used long after the course is over as a reminder when one get stuck trying to fit in society's mold. This course it almost like a pass to be free from the restraints of forced conformity. I feel that all who embrace this course will be kinder and more accepting of their own abilities to blend and shine with the changing rhythms of relationships and responsibilities. Evelyne is a true healer and the world is blessed by her presence."

Patrice Gustafson

Frequently Asked Questions

You will have access to the downloadable material for ever (if you download it of course!), the videos for one year, and your painting completed for as long as you keep it!  I recommend that you put reminders on your phone to bring your awareness back to the course just in case you forget about it :).  

Plan to spend 1 hr per module: 30 min to journal and reflect on the inquiries and 30 minutes to do the painting step.  That being said, each step is simple and meditative so you might lose track of time as you travel in and out of your inner world.  

  • Journal
  • 16"X20" canvas
  • Charcoal sticks or watercolor crayons or pencils
  • Water spray bottle
  • Brushes (variety of sizes)
  • Acrylic paint: You will need a variety of colors for the underpainting and Titanium white, yellow, red and dark blue.
  • Paper plate or palette
  • Jar of water
  • Liquitex Matte Medium 
  • White Gesso
  • Old credit card or gift card (optional)
  • Old magazines

Great question!  Absolutely no painting experience is needed.  If you can hold a brush, you can do this project!  

The painting part of this process is very simple and the instructions are clear, I guide you step by step.  There is nothing that you can do wrong... let's celebrate that! How often does this happen!?!

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"​Working with Evelyne is life changing. She'll take you on a journey that will open up a new world for you."

Morgan Kelsey
I was born a seeker wonderer, a curious finder with the gifts of listening, witnessing, and holding space.  I'm also an intuitive artist who loves to co-create with my awesome future self. I claimed myself as an artist recently on my journey to remember who I am.  
I live in Traverse City, MI with my husband and two daughters, although one of them just left for College, which I don't understand because I am not old enough to have a kid in College, ha!  
I teach Intentional Creativity® workshops and offer private coaching in-person and online.  I dream, vision and bring into form. I am grounded and I fly! I love the mystery and I've learned to hold the paradox that I am!  I also love guiding women remembering who they are and understanding their own paradoxes using their creativity . To see the stars in their eyes is magical!
I discovered Intentional Creativity® in 2011 and I still cannot believe where I am today because of this method.  I healed so many stories from my past, the way I relate to myself, my family, and everything around me has changed tremendously.  I became a Color of Woman teacher and Intentional Creativity® coach in 2015.
The paintings I painted before and during the training are still giving me new information to this day.  The codes in the form of symbols are still being deciphered on a new level four years later. It is fascinating to me! 
Intentional Creativity® is a powerful method that allows a deep and potentially smooth transformation.  I am forever thankful for Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Sue Hoya Sellars, and Leonor Strauss for bringing structure, form, and language to something quite abstract and mysterious.

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