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Remothering opened for a live group on Mother's Day 2018. Now available as a solo course!
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As Mother’s Day rolls around each year, does your heart ache in secret for that loving mother-daughter relationship? Does Mother’s Day feel more like a painful reminder of what could have been?

Begin healing that hidden mother wound, to rebuild and fill that void we hold in our hearts, to be seen and loved for who we are.

The mother/child relationship is the first bond a baby makes in her life, and upon which all relationships are built upon. Joseph Chilton Pierce refers to it as the mother matrix. In his book, the Magical Child, he goes on to say that if the mother matrix is not established, the earth as matrix cannot become functional.

To remother, to heal ourselves from this deep and penetrating wound is an ongoing practice. But first, we have to acknowledge the damage caused by the absence of this emotional foundation, and grieve the loss this empty hole has created.

After many years of psychotherapy, I thought I was finally able to let go of the baggage I carried regarding the nonexistent relationship with my own mother. Little did I know I was only at the tip of the iceberg.

One of the first classes I took in the M.A. of Women’s Spirituality program was “Art as a Sacred Practice”. I was a little intimidated and excited about the 2 day Intentional Creativity painting class. I felt I was in “the zone” during the entire course. My first painting was titled the “Dragon Mother”. As I looked into the eyes of the Dragon Mother, I saw myself reflected. My daughter was born the year of the dragon, making me a dragon mother as well. I embark on this journey of healing. I continued to paint after the course.

About a year into my paintings, I remember looking from intently painting the face of one of my goddesses, only to see my mother’s eyes staring right back at me. I took note of that and continued to paint.

13 paintings later as I get ready to graduate from the M.A. program, I discovered I have been painting different variations of “mother” for my inner child. Painting was not only my spiritual practice but my way of healing my mother wound.

During the remothering journey, you will:

  • Connect with your own story,
  • Create a safe space for your inner child and begin your own journey of healing and connection with your inner child.
  • Paint into existence your inner mother using acrylic paint using the step-by-step Color of Women method
  • From a place where you can see and be seen, love and be loved, move energy blocks that have had you stuck, connect with your inner child so you can finally shine your light into the world.

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.:To see and be seen, To love and be loved:.

In the hearts of many undermothered women resides a deep longing to be seen and loved just as they are. In the process of creating your own image of the mother you yearned for, you harness the power of creativity. With each painting step, you begin to see your inner mother more clearly, at the same time, your inner mother is looking at you and seeing YOU. This 2-way mirroring effect of seeing and being seen is fostered. To be in the presence of Mother can be healing and transformative, you can begin to love this mother and to feel what it is like to be loved by her. As you begin to heal the relational bond between mother and child, you reconcile with the shame you felt and begin to see the possibility of nurturing emotional connections with others around you. You no longer have to hide the authentic expression of who you truly are. In painting your inner mother, you are sharing your unique expression of the mother you longed for in the physical realm. You learn that you no longer have to hide the authentic expression of yourself and you may cultivate an inspired bravery to shine your light and be seen.

This class is designed for anyone with a desire for genuine emotional relationship and unconditional loving acceptances.

We'll be using the Color of Women step-by-step painting method, designed by Shiloh Sophia McCloud and part of the Intentional Creativity movement, as the container for our exploration to find the love and acceptance we sought at an early age. The intentional creativity lineage started in the 1930s with Lenore Thomas Straus: "What ancient knowing lives within these hands?", who taught Sue Hoya Sellars: "Who lives in here?" and in turn taught Shiloh Sophia McCLoud: "What are you to cause and create?" Shiloh in turn taught me and others in the Intentional Creativity movement, women who want to serve as guides to those interested and ready to engage in their journey inward, to peel back layers upon layers of cultural conditioning in hopes of discovering their own authentic expression. This class is designed for you, whether you're an experienced artist or a beginner who hasn't touched a paint brush since grade school. All you need is a desire and open heart to begin this path of self-discovery, self-healing, and self-recognition.

Registration is Open


"Being allowed the space not only to create an art piece, but also the space to deeply reflect on my own journey and the encourage to bring out my own deeper sense of self."

"Asia, you have a brilliant gift of channeling Her so that everyone is blessed with a new understanding of themselves and brought closer to heart."

"Keep these workshops going! Women need a place/places to express and get their energy flowing in the world!"

Asia was introduced to painting and Intentional Creativity when she started in the M.A. in Women’s Spirituality program. During the course of her studies, she came tête-à-tête with the transformative aspects and the healing powers of Intentional Creativity.

Her master’s thesis: A descent journey of reconciliation with the inner mother and revisualization of the Divine Feminine, showcased 13 of her paintings. She found herself called to bring Intentional Creativity as a form of healing to “mothers” - mothers include all women as we are all “mothers” to our inner child.  with intention and love.

By bringing forth our stories, we can decide to let go of any negative impact they have on our lives, allowing us to create our future stories.

Supplies List

  • Canvas - 22”x30” 
  • Paint brushes –  a liner brush, a medium and larger size round brushes. 
  • Acrylic paint - red, blue, yellow, brown, white, black, transparent red iron oxide (Golden Fluid Acrylics recommended)
  • Jar for paint water
  • Paper towels.
  • Spray bottle.
  • Paint palette or paper plate
  • Black sharpies
  • Plain white paper & pen
  • Painting smock or clothes that you can get paint on. 
  • Candle, red thread, tea, wine, chocolate, candle, flowers!

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