Join Wendy Hartley on a painting adventure to meet your inner guide, and tap into the wisdom that is already existing within you.

Painting – Guided meditation – Connection

Does it seem like you are constantly second guessing yourself and your decisions, or looking for outside guidance or validation? Do you lack confidence and wish you had a trustworthy source of advice? Does the critical voice in your head put you down constantly?

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This class came out of a time when I needed to find my way out of spaghetti-brain anxiety, when I felt like everything I knew about myself was stripped away, and I was in fear of what painful situations life was going to throw at me next. Some intense events had happened which had brought light upon the fact that I had built the foundations of my life on beliefs that weren’t strong, and so I found myself at the proverbial “rock-bottom” and had to find a way out.

I had allowed others to have far too much say in my life, in how I showed up in the world, and in what choices I had available to me for my future. It felt like I was in a cage made of other people’s agendas.

I needed to find a way to hear and understand myself and what I wanted my life to be.

In my painting explorations, I learned to listen within and discover the voice inside me that knew my life purpose. At first it was a vague feeling, a whisper, and I had trouble understanding what it was saying until I learned to turn down the volume of the outside world, to extract myself from the pressure of agendas that belonged to others. I uncovered my intuition, and relearned to trust what it told me. I gained clarity on repeated negative behaviour and choices that I could then release and make space for better choices. And I gradually found a sense of freedom to truly show up in the world in a way that honoured my deeper self.

Through painting, ritual and reflection, you can create a new foundation where you are the author of your life, where the path to purpose becomes visible to you. It is a building block to developing inner strength, and a safety net to help you know what path to take. You will be able to deepen into intuition and self-trust.

Discover your own inner voice of wisdom on this creative journey of painting and guided visualisation through Intentional Creativity Color of Woman painting method to Meet Your Inner Guide.

A special note to beginner painters:

The enormous range of art materials and techniques available is truly overwhelming and mysterious. This class is held within a space of exploration and play, curiosity, and of nurturing the inner child who draws and paints simply because it is fun. Many of us have art wounds around being criticised or ridiculed for our creative expression when we were younger, and so we develop our self-criticism and comparison-itis to a point where we are paralysed by fear.  There is no expectation or requirement to share your work, create a masterpiece or any other outcome other than to explore and try and see what comes up for you, although I have found my students feel surprised and happy in their creations and feel the medicine of being connected to their guide. However, this is your story, and you get to write it your way. The joy is in the process, in allowing yourself to immerse in the creative flow.

It is normal to feel hesitation when considering signing up to a painting class. Even experienced artists feel this! This course is designed as a space of exploration and play, curiosity. Nurturing the part of you who draws and paints simply because it is fun. Through painting, ritual and reflection, you can create a new foundation where you are the author of your life, where the path to purpose becomes visible to you.  I see my role as a mentor in holding your hand as you dip your toe into new creative possibilities.


You will be shown step-by-step how to create your own unique painting.

No previous painting experience needed!

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"You are a fabulous instructor, Wendy." "Great fun, very positive." "I would love to do a class like this every week." “A real sense of achievement.“ "Very freeing & I love using all of the colours in layers. Great experience to find the artist within.”"

What to Expect

  • 16 videos with step by step art instruction
  • 2x downloadable visualisation audios
    Journalling prompts
  • Downloadable art supplies PDF
  • Access to my student Facebook group for sharing and support

Meet Your Inner Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a self-paced class so you can work at your own speed and take your time if you need to work around other commitments. I would recommend you allow at least six to eight hours so you have time for journalling and reflection.

Class access is available for 12 months.

You don’t need any painting experience. I will show you step by step how to create your own unique painting.

A full supplies shopping list, downloadable PDF and video is provided in the course but the basics are:

A stretched canvas: at least 24cm x 33cm (approximately 9 ½” x 13”)
Some brushes: round (with a point) synthetic in medium and large, liner, round hoghair in small and medium, optional sash or synthetic mop.
Acrylic paint:  including white, black, a few other colours of choice and also a transparent paint for glazing. Golden fluid paints are recommended, alternatives are Atelier Free Flow or Jo Sonja acrylics, or use whatever paints you already have.
Chalk or charcoal pencil
Paper & pencil or black sharpie
Writing journal and pen

Here's a sneak peak of the Welcome video inside the course:

Find the Connection you Seek

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Wendy Hartley is an artist, Reiki Master and guide who sees creativity as a way to access inner wisdom to build strength from within. She is a Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher and Art of Allowing Facilitator, and offers online painting classes, group workshops and private sessions that guide people to find their own healing and meaning through art practice and ritual. Wendy runs programs that explore the divine masculine and feminine, living with the rhythms of the earth and moon, and how painting energy affects the physical body. When she is not painting in her farm studio in country NSW, she can often be found in the paddock spending time with her horses.

You can find Wendy online at and


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